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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  June 10, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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we received beneficial rainfall yesterday, but not everywhere. over an inch in some spots. there are more chances of beneficial rain this afternoon, afternoon, and sunday. look of a debate morning and the severn river. -- live look at the bay. temperatures starting of around 90'sn our way to the low scattered late-day storms. a live look at germantown traffic. a the ramp from 118 to 270, broken-down vehicles. still stick with normal betweenimes on 270 hurley and the beltway. on 66 between centreville and the beltway. . off the greenway on to road, which is quiet.
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stonewall middle school in manassas is closed because inre's no air conditioning the building today. overnd a heated debate system's zero tolerance policy. schools' ideanty to crack down on bad behavior has parents human. meeting, the school is making major changes this morning. olabanji has the latest on that. >> good morning. a group of parents showed up last night, very vocal at the school board meeting. end, the school board their favor, voting to the zero tolerance policy, a policy that the parents said harsh. last night parents and students fairfaxoff to the school board. accused the schools of overreacting, transferring and ofelling students accused
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transgressions. >> we are concerned about some severals over the last in the school system. we want to make sure our kids fairly.ted >> if the family of nick killed himself after he and other forents were expelled alegal form of synthetic drug in school. >> it was the biggest mistake of life. for two months he was shot out school. this or our community will.ind the leaders who >> in the end, the policy was changed. showed up parents who who were against easing up the policy. cause goodht it would
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kids to be harmed. reporting from falls church, olabanji, abc 7 news. >> a much watched iissue. overnight train already to cool off some areas. storms pounded part of region last night and brought some relief. our camera captured heavy rain and lightning. record-as another the storms. before temperature at reagan national hit 102 degrees yesterday. that happened on the districtin the ulysses s. grant was president. it has been a while. two dozen maryland students had to go to the hospital after heat.g sick in the the elementary and middle school differentrom three
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counties fell ill during a field trip at of blue crabs baseball in waldorf. reported a 25% increase in related emergencies. 300 calls in just one day. on the national mall, dozens of people receiving medical heat.ion because above >> go to the museum to cool off for awhile and then we come back. >> another location impacted by westfieldas the montgomery mall in bethesda. the stores had to close because out. went some metro riders have been sweating the last couple days. the agency is working hard to is to the air- the rail cars on the fast track. is there, but they parts to fix everything. say that someone out cars has no working air- conditioner. thansay that is better when one out of 10 not have air-
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conditioning. the trash and recycling crews in starting their collections of our early today of the hot weather. if they start work at 6:00 a.m. begin one hour early whenevert the season to temperature is expected reach 90 degrees. there will also start early on code orange and code red adair dayspring -- air quality days. for instance weather updates on to updates.ant metro is until a plan that it says will get repairs done faster, but it could mean riders this summer. brianne carter is at the eastern station to explain. >> we have seen over the past so a lot of closed signs metro officials repair the
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cars and the tracks. approach now that take to do some that pays ak work the repairpeed up process and limit the impact on customers. next 18 months about two out of every three individual stations or of stations will sat down instead of single-tracking. they say this will allow the more work done by fewereniencing passengers. this will also allow the transit ntsb- to complete recommended work such as track circuit replacement on the red line. now be ablet will completed 18 months sooner than originally planned. as to when the station will be which stations will close, metro says they are thosetly finalizing plans. they hope to make that list available to the public in the near future. reporting from southeast, brianne carter, abc 7 news. 72 degrees, 6:06.
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>> homes under water, flooding fores new troubles in south dakota. >> and forced to pay a lot more residents sound about a plan they say is too much. -- forced to pay more at local
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yes! we are united legend.
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we're number one in division .ne good morning, washington. welcome back, everyone. homes are under water in parts of south dakota. neighborhoods looked like lakes. flooding from the missouri river has 4 1/7 thousand south dakota residents to evacuate. time beforea long back home. is not expected to return to its normal level until september. if that's a long time. >> it makes you realize how lucky we are. we have done pretty well so far year. >> that's right. i guess we should count our blessings. have a pretty good outlook today and into the weekend. temperatures will continue falling. will get more comfortable. and we are not in desperate need rain, although we could use
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some showers. some yesterday afternoon night.t some in the evening today, tomorrow, and sunday. there is a live look outside at city, hazy sunshine to start. 75 degrees downtown, 73 in leesburg. in frederick, 70. cumberland, 64. way to the mid 90's -- 90's today. scattered storms for about 40% the viewing area. marc rail, brunswick line trains and camden nine trains thought a 15-minute delayed speed restrictions t.e to hea -- camden line. traffic is moving nicely in 5n route 4 and route
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and in severally. is open on 95. in and out of2 baltimore's quietof70 has heavier traffic -- it is quiet in and out of baltimore. 270 is heavier. back to you. >> thank you. 73 degrees. when we continue, get ready for sticker shock. how much does it really costs to raise a child? >> parents really want to know? facebook and your privacy, why undercial network is investigation. >> we are getting a check of aroundmaking headlines latestion, including the dramaoom host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance?
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ticking our top stories, the that has blanketed country the past few an end in someto places. thunderstorms and bringing theer temperatures to northeast and mid-atlantic. been blamed for least deaths so far as well as school and event cancellations. a difficult day at the casey trial in florida. the jurors heard from forensic experts and some pictures of the skull.'s the testimony made casey anthony ended that the courts early yesterday. several of newt gingrich's top aides have resigned campaign because of differences. he says that he is still in the for the gop presidential nomination. drivers had a chance to on plans to raise the maryland.
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they held a public hearing in night becauseast theagency wants to raise from on the bay bridge $5 this october. to $8 in themp year 2013. they would rise on bridges, and votes asnels, and icc. except the >> it amounts to a new tax. taxes.t need new >> the maryland transportation authority says the roads, bridges, and tunnels need only way tothe that is by to do a developing story, facebook's new facial feature is being u.s. and in in the europe. tag ew software helps to people in photographs. the company is under fire for introducing the future without permission from users. u.s., privacy groups are with thecomplaint
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federal trade commission. apple is taking a bite out of a plan to tip off drivers dui checkpoints. will reject applications for that tipoffs drivers. have come under pressure from groups to make sure people getting away with a drop using their smartphone. they have been urged to stop selling those applications. a bad economy is good news for liquor stores. independent and accompanist are on the rise despite the recession. report reveals that sales grew nearly 10% in the past year. to catch uptrying market with a unique kind of ride. much does it cost to raise a child? peggy bunker has those stories and more. >> topping america's money,
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large banks. three ministrations as wells fargo, america, and tasted not get homeowners into the foreclosure prevention program. any moreill not get money until they do. own only 38% of homes, far less than a ago.e almost a quarter of those more on their their houses worth. plans to sell a hybrid minivan in the u.s. next year. ford has been lagging far hind toyota in hybrid vehicles. 227th thousand dollars to raise child for 17 years and it does even include college -- what it costs to
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child. or two.million dollars f he has a metal detector that is going around with. cost of raising children. >> it's a good thing we had a beneficial rainfall yesterday to garden so wen and don't have to pay for that. think i will have a cucumber ready to pick by the weekend. here's a look at the sunrise laurel and early this beautiful picture. we can see that it is easy outside again. we have some clouds. most of that is dissipating. speaking of beneficial rain, sampling of the rain
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showers and how much accumulated. annapolis, under 1.5 inches. manassas, almost 0.6 inches. burke, 0.3 inches. germantown at 0.1 inches. today we will see similar showers and downpours developing, moving slowly. of the viewing area have showers. 72 in arlington, 69 in bowie. some showers lasted into the nighttime, but skies have cleared. redecoration of that this afternoon and evening. -- low 90's.0's upper 80's on- more beneficial
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rain through the weekend. here we are in germantown. 118, the eastbound ramp to 270, vehicles on the exit ramp. delays developing behind that. newington, springfield, pentagon things are open. 66 growing in volume in manassas. on the greenway and the toll road. the brunswick and camden linie late becausenutes heat restrictions. brunswick and camden lines. 73 degrees. >> should you feel safer on the roads? a surprising new study on suv's. >> today on "oprah," the last ever make-over extravaganza, 4:00 and abc 7.
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captioned by the national captioning institute welcome back. 7 is on your side with news highway safety. suv's are safer few years ago. reason is electronic control systems, which cut the risk of over.g those systems are now standard suv's.nt on all new rollover deaths in suv's have
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nearly two zero thirds. vehicle purchase now, the consumer should be sure that vehicle comes with electronic stability control. >> researchers also say drivers likely to die in an in a new suv than in a car. the extra weight and height help protect you in an accident. very few of us can remember preschool days, but those forgotten most of us. study of 1000 people attendedat kids who preschool had better jobs, less fewere arrest. the study was done over a 25- chicago.od in it builds self-confidence and scholastic issues. a group returned to san yesterday from japan
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six-montha deployment. called to helpe the deadly earthquake and tsunami. they delivered food and water, roads, and helped victims for through the rubble valuables. 154,000 tons of aid or brought japan with them. another half-hour of "good .orning washington ahead >> a five-year-old child could be charged with murder. >> fairfax county school board full from the outset decided toe board change the zero-tolerance and discipline policy. >> record high temperature yesterday. in a will be different couple ways. in a[ male announcer ] log ing for a complete picture of your money?
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>> we just want to make sure our kids are treated fairly. and ing up, protests temper flaring at a local school district. and today big changes on how disciplined. good morning washington," it's 6:30, this friday june 10. i'm greta cruz. >> time for us to check in on traffic and weather as we do every 10 minutes. right to adam bit. check with lisa in a adam, the temperatures much
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better today. > still very muggy, and it's going to be muggy and humid throughout the weekend. but temperatures are dropping. heat advisory in effect for today. that's one big difference. degrees. we broke 100 68 in frederick martinsburg. more scattered and thunderstorms. our nk about 40-50% of iewing area will see that rain well. o the weekend as now let's go to lisa. > i'm going to go up to news opper 7 right now looking at university boulevard and carol avenue west of new hampshire avenue. apparently there's a vehicle broken down. you can see they have help on the scene right there. on university boulevard, west of new hampshire avenue. right now looks like traffic is getting through in virginia. center geico traffic 395, normal place in
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beautiful trip to the pentagon. by the way we have some information from the rail. all brunswick line trains are up to 30 minutes there's speed restrictions due to the heat. ut camden line trains are back on normal several. rail reporting normal services. stick around, we'll be back with news chopper 7 in less than 10 minutes. > ok lisa, thank you for that. 6:31 right now, we want to start in a quick nose to student manassas. stonewall school closed today because they don't have any air conditioning. >> major changes for students in the fairfax county school district. >> that's right. the school system disciplinary policy has some parents fuming. after a past meeting there will be some changes in the zero tolerance policy. e're live with the latest this morning. good morning. >> good morning greta and scott. well after some protest and some words for the school
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board from some parents, they voted to ease their zero tolerance policy in disciplining students here in fairfax county. it was a policy that many parents who showed up for the meeting last night said it was too harsh. before that meeting started a outside arents met holding signs, receiving honking by from cars to pass calling for keeping kids in fairfax county schools instead of kicking them out. parents who support loosening fairfax ies accuse unty schools of overreacting by transferring students accused minor aggressions. ne student committed suicide students werether purchasing a ynthetic drug. the parents say he shouldn't ve received it but the far.pline went too >> for approximately a two month
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riod he was kept out of this school. fix this, and the other problems now. our community will find leaders who will. >> yes they will! >> now there were some patients ho showed up here who were opposed to changing this policy, up harming nd end students who didn't get in trouble. parents who were for changing the policy won last night. they are happy saying this new policy will help those students who get in trouble instead of harming them. reporting live in false church his morning. right now and news this morning a 5-year-old missouri girl is a surprise suspect in infant ing of her cousin. police say the girl told social workers she drowned the 18 month old boy friday night because he wouldn't stop crying. ow the girl has not been rrested yet. a teenager was reportedly watching the children at the time of the drowning. >> we are following some new
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developments this morning. rman investigators now say e. know what caused that coli outbreak that's hit europe. less than two hours ago health officials in berlin announced the locally grown vegetable sprouts are the cause. authorities will now lift the rning against eating cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce. 29 people have died and been nds of others have sick. looking now with the day ahead, e of six people charged with murdering 18-year-old leteisha azier will have a status hearing today. he is brian gaither. the south d.c. woman disappeared in august and police believe her phil in n a land richmond. his attorney says the district should at least have to try to find her body. a d.c. say recovery in landfill that size could cost up million. >> and funeral services will be held for a woman and her bodies were found temple hill.
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her ex-boyfriend is charged with murdering her and her 1-year-old daughter. today's funeral starts at 11:00 praise in temple of southeast. >> firefighters battling raging wildfires in arizona may finally gaining some ground. they are now 5% contained and are calm. re's the very latest on that developing situation. good morning, mike. >> good morning scott. several homes have been destroyed there and there are also concerns about how dangerously close the fires oming to electric transmission line that bring power to arizona and parts of texas. it's been a long week for firefighters who can get the upper hand on this fire. said to be bigger than new york combined.hicago firefighters attling one of the largest wildfires in arizona history are finally getting a break from mother nature. winds are dying down. than it has burned more
6:36 am
386,000 acres across arizona. re than 20 homes have been destroyed in one time. >> probably don't have nothing to come back to. like get a hold on this thing. local fire is threatening power lines, utility companies ay have to begin rolling black outs. meanwhile the fire is creating its own weather pattern. own actually forms its ttle thunderstorm at the top of the smoke. >> that storm creates new wind which in turn starts new fire. >> i tried to leave for three days, but every time i tried to o out the door i started crying. may help us understand fire but it doesn't elp it make any easier for evacuating residents. >> you should see what we already took out. a lot of memories. >> the fire was reportedly sparked by a camp fire. experts say an extremely dry winter and spring dried out the forest allowing fierce winds to carry the flames into the tree mileswhere they spread by each day. edgeighters hope to get an
6:37 am
odge the fire before the weekend. forecast shows more windy conditions on the way. out, 6:37 isegrees your time. >> and when "good morning washington" continues, metro makes some changes in how it work et important track done on weekends. we'll take a look at how it affects your plans around town. become a "super 8" super blockbuster? tells us. super blockbuster? tells us. plus we'll be back with the
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>> wole come back. 6:40 right now this friday morning. time for a check of traffic and weather every 10 minutes. casky who to adam s smiling today. reaganr 102 yesterday at national which by the way is the hottest temperature ever recorded in the district for the month of june, ok? so the month of june yesterday was the hottest day we've ever had in the month of june. since records have been kept for long 130 years, which is a time. in frederick. muggy 63 burg a degrees. low 90's today, after what we've xperienced sounds pretty good. lot of sunshine with some thunderstorms developing this afternoon and evening. 40%-50% of our viewing area will see the storms. of those slow moving downpours.
6:41 am
saturday, more late day thunderstorms. sunday chance of showers as well. now let's go to lisa. >> it's complicated. 270 south bound, i wanted to take you live first of all so you can see the pace of traffic father hurleyw at boulevard. down from the ramp to 270 south, broken downy with a vehicle. we'll show you a minor crash ver in silver springs. university boulevard west of new hampshire halve knew and carol avenue. zooming out to like the accident of the moved out roadway. oks like we are in a delay though. over at 66 and 95 experiencing the normal volume. manassas, d in leaving dale d 95 city to get to springfield where we take you live. greta and scott. this ittle hazy out there
6:42 am
morning. 73 degrees. > coming up next, a campaign implosion. teamdoes losing his entire newt gingrich's presidential hopes? >> plus, could a new strategy for weekend work be in trouble for your trip on metro? i'm bree yan carter. e'll have the story coming up. >> boy meets girl and fights a monster in "super 8." may have another summer [ male announcer ] how can power consumption in china,
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impact wool exports from new zealand, textile production in spain,
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and the use of medical technology in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason 80% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. >> welcome back everyone. some more closed igns at metro station. the transit agency to get repairs done faster could mean rouble for riders. breanne carter is at the eastern market metro station this
6:45 am
morning to explain. good morning breanne. >> good morning to you greta and scott. metro officials say this new approach to weekend work is designed to get the repairs done faster and have a smaller impact on customers. now metro officials say over the ext about 18 months, about weekends out of three individual stations or a cluster of stations will shutdown. now that will replace what we've ormally been used to, that single tracking between stations that we see throughout the weekend. metro officials say this new change will allow crews to get quicker whilemuch inconviencencing fewer passengers. according to metro this will to the transit station complete recommended work such as track circuit replacement on the red line. they say they will now be able to do thattable 18 months faster than originally thought. etro riders are weighing in on this change. if there were big delays, that's difficult because often
6:46 am
there's poor air circulation. i don't want to be stuck waiting. that's why i think i like better the fact that they would close e train if i have advanced warning i can drive or take some other mode of transportation. speaking of getting a warning, as to when the stations officials say ro ing the still finaliz plans on which stations will close when. a say they hope to have list available to the public in the near future. reporting live in southeast, news. carter, abc 7 >> thank you breanne. and new this morning, the state of alaska is releasing thousands from sarah palin's first two years as governor. emails t clear if the revelations.ajor redacted 't held or information. a big blow to his
6:47 am
2012 election hopes. eschelon of newt gingrich's presidential campaign have quit. along with manager aides resigned yesterday afternoon. they cited campaign differences. going rich stays he is still running for president. it has been a very tough week on he campaign trail for this g.o.p. hopeful. >> yeah, here now to talk more abby phillips, white house reporter. about this im there were already but did s in the road, anyone see this coming? a his is a little bit of surprise and it was so sudden exodus massive as an not bode lly does well for his candidacy which has uffered from bumps in the road from the very beginning. >> he's saying he's going to ay in it, do the citizen-driven campaign. is that doable?
6:48 am
how realistic is that? realistic very frankly. i think a lot of people who are observing this race right now going rich is essentially done. a lot of his campaign managers d strategists left at this early stage because now is the time to sign onto someone else who is going somewhere. f they don't see going gingritch going anywhere. rudy giuliani,ee maybe? >> once again he's putting his name in the running. he list continues to get wider but i think the interesting take about it is as folks the list, other opportunities. governor rick perry in texas is erhaps waiting for the sidelines to snatch up some of
6:49 am
the gingritch folks who departed today. >> every day is a new adventure? >> absolutely. go right to adam eyeuse he's been keeping an on the thermostat there. for the first time in a long time we don't have to turn it down as much. >> we will see some relief in heat.of the gradual process. by early next week we're talking lower 80's. not only did we set a record at reagan national but i guess you could say we set a precedent. old egrees that tied the 1874. set back in at is a very long-standing ecord. the sunrise over lower maryland early this morning. beautiful, look at the sunshine. hazy sunshine. showers and thunderstorms that we had into the nighttime hours they dissipated. speaking of storms and showers, ke a look at the healthy rainfall accumulation.
6:50 am
abnormallyr area are dry and we could use the rain. through this afternoon and into the afternoon over the weekends we could see some. lear skies overhead, showers dissipated. and a lot of sunshine for most of the day and then becoming partly cloudy. with the scattered showers. in terms of scattered storms, late afternoon through the the night, even into or overall coverage of about 40%-50% of the viewing area. same story tomorrow evening. but not as high. in the lower 90's today. erall pretty agreeable weekend. outdoor ueeze in the activity. low 80's on monday. lisa? >> we're going to jump right up and go to news chopper 7. i hear they're at old georgetown road, an accident near wisconsin road. oh boy, there they are. outh bound wisconsin avenue is always heated up this time of morning. you throw an accident into that
6:51 am
not d georgetown road, bethesda. delays inund, typical manassas. but keep in mind there are ceremonies at constitution hall at 10:00 a.m. nd at 2:30 this afternoon. e'll come back with a
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good morning to all of you,
6:54 am newt gingritch's staff calls it quit. s his wife to blame? plus, teens jumping off bridges and then posting the videos online. why are they doing it? and would you tell complete strangers you're going to have a baby even before telling your own husband? it's the latest trend in social media. we'll trach you inside the world womb. >> good morning. i'm arch campbell with your weekend movie guide. > guys, watch out! >> "super 8" begins with a bang. spectacular train crash kids ed by a group of 1979. amateur movies in they catch what the authorities see, a monster escaping. "super 8" combines a coming of sci-fi rescue. pg-13. ars,
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>> they had a child and stayed years. for 44 told nths later my father me he was gay. >> i'm gay. go to movie honors eginners" with christopher plummer and ewan mcgregor. half stars. in stars were "midnight aris." everybody. weekend campbell, abc 7 entertainment. >> ok, thank you arch. we've got some breaking news on the beltway right now. isa is here to fill us in. >> let's go on over to our picture of a car fire. this is the inner loop out of silver springs to get into college park with a vehicle fire.
6:56 am
you can see equipment on the scene right now dousing out the flames. this is traffic coming from new hampshire avenue and everyone is that right nd adjacent to the exit that would 95 it to baltimore and north. adam. arry you over to >> by the way, beach forecast. limited sunshine with a few afternoon storms possible in the upper 80's. not rrible but of course the best. locally, a decent weekend overall. you'll be able to do the outdoor activity especially early in the day. friday, saturday, on into sunday with afternoon and evening thunderstorms. that said, a few could be severe on saturday and i think they'll come closer to the lunch hour and shortly thereafter on sunday. little earlier on sunday. 80's,eek look at that low humidity. for "good do it morning washington," "good morning am
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